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Corporate Financial Management for the General Manager

Program Topics: Finance, HR Strategy, Leadership & Management

In a day when many organizations place a high value on financial performance, it’s important for all managers to have the tools to understand their roles in contributing to the bottom line. This two-day course helps managers view their actions through a lens of profitability.

Those who attend will learn the how to build bridges from their day-to-day activities to the organization’s financial goals. They’ll begin to look at their companies, and their departments, as a financial analyst would.

Who Should Attend:

  • All managers, human resource executives and military members

Key Benefits:

The course is designed to help participants learn:

  • Financial accounting basics
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Tools for understanding budgets and costs structures in order to make sound financial decisions –
    • These may include spreadsheet models for optimizing labor costs, budgeting, human resources management, inventory/production management, etc.
  • Participant company analysis:
    • Identify and rank the biggest cost (waste, inefficiency) concerns
    • Relate these concerns to the overall corporate finance goals
  • The OKR framework (objectives and key results)
    • Participants develop KRs for their roles in their organizations
    • Participants develop action plans that include relevant tools from the program



  • Dates October 17-18, 2023
  • Faculty Mark Cecchini
  • Tuition $1,750/ person
    University of South Carolina alumni, nonprofit organizations and members of the military are eligible for discounts. Please contact us for pricing