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At ExecEd, we are dedicated to helping professionals grow their knowledge and create value for their organizations.

Our world is data-driven, and staying at the forefront of the newest technology can set your organization apart from the rest. ExecEd’s specialized faculty and staff provide the tools you need to do so. Investing in your continuing education is made simple by our flexible scheduling options.

We want to hear from you. Whether you’re looking to better your grasp on data-informed decision-making, demystify the applications of artificial intelligence, or explore other subject areas, we offer courses built for your success.

Open Enrollment Programs

Artificial Intelligence: Why it Matters to Business

Where does AI fit in your organization? Domo is partnering with University of South Carolina to offer a two-day learning program designed to help you answer that question and learn how to implement AI programs at scale.

The modules will demystify AI by exploring its history, understanding powerful use cases in practice today, including successes and pitfalls, and learning how to implement AI-driven programs with the Domo platform at your organization.

The program helps non-technical executives comfortable enough to create and implement AI programs for their organizations.

Key concepts taught:

  • Create better decision-making structures and processes using AI programs
  • Develop a competitive advantage through better use of AI internally within your organization and yield unrealized value externally with customers, partners and suppliers
  • Gain full access to the Domo platform and functional expertise via post-class office hours in order to quickly implement AI programs at your organization upon completion

Making Better Evidence-Based Decisions with Business Analytics

Today’s leaders can utilize data analytics techniques to make better-informed, evidence-based decisions that optimize value. This course will help managers translate insights into business actions by becoming good consumers of data, knowing how to ask the right questions and overcoming decision-making bias.

Key concepts taught:

  • Learning best practices for data analysis and visualization that can provide insight into daily operations as well as overall strategic goals.
  • Practice using simulation and regression to inform decisions along with how to best present data to provide key insights to senior managers.

Managing Effectively with Analytics: A Course for Executives

Learn about the evolution of information technology, its future direction and how to execute that future during this hands-on training seminar. Executives who attend will develop usable dashboards for their own companies.

Key concepts taught:

  • Get an in-depth look at the history of information technology as well as its future direction
  • Learn to set up an OKR system using Domo
  • Learn Domo’s analytics capabilities
  • Develop dashboards for their companies

For registration, contact:

Angie Brown, Managing Director

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