Certificate Programs

Taking Things to Another Level

Our Certificate Programs take things to another level by combining related Open Enrollment courses to enable participants to be certified in a broad area of strategic importance to executives in the 21st century.

These days, you have to keep moving, keep learning, keep developing. The world isn’t going to stand still and wait for you to catch up. With ExecEd, you won’t need the world to do that.

Certificate in Strategic Leadership

This is a special certification for high-potential managers, next-generation leaders and small company owners who need to elevate their leadership skills. It encompasses a suite of three of our Open Enrollment courses. The courses can be taken individually, or as a package for those seeking the full certification.

In the business world of today, the way organizations operate, communicate, collaborate and innovate is changing. Business leaders must not only adapt to these changes, but spur others in their organizations to do the same, fully tapping everyone’s potential.

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Certificate of Inclusive Leadership

This certificate program is for middle- to upper-level managers in private and public organizations who want to effectively leverage diversity and inclusion to make their workplaces more effective. 

Diversity and inclusion are strategic imperatives for any organization that wants to succeed. Diverse, inclusive organizations have higher revenues, more innovation, greater responsiveness to customers’ needs and a higher level of team collaboration.

That’s why ExecEd has bundled four related courses into a single program that leads to a Certificate in Inclusive Leadership. Courses can be taken as part of the certificate program or as stand-alone classes, but all four must be completed to satisfy the requirements for the Certificate.

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