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    Our Staff

    Headshot of Angie Brown

    Angie Brown

    Managing Director of Executive Education

    Email: angie.brown@moore.sc.edu
    Phone: 803-777-5952

    Headshot of Mark Cecchini

    Mark Cecchini

    Associate Dean for Executive Education President of Corporate Solutions

    Email: cecchini@moore.sc.edu
    Phone: 803-777-6643

    Headshot of Jamal Davis

    Jamal Davis

    Program Manager

    Email: jamal.davis@moore.sc.edu
    Phone: 803-777-9316

    Headshot of Russ Klauman

    Russ Klauman

    Director of Military Engagement

    Email: Russ.Klauman@moore.sc.edu
    Phone: 803-777-5471

    Headshot of Katie Parler

    Katie Parler

    Program Coordinator

    Email: katie.parler@moore.sc.edu
    Phone: 803-777-9317

    Headshot of Kimberly Smith

    Kimberly Smith

    Systems Manager

    Email: klsmith@moore.sc.edu
    Phone: 803-777-5951

    Isaac Thompson Headshot

    Isaac Thompson

    Program Technical Specialist

    Email: isaac.thompson@moore.sc.edu
    Phone: 803-777-4706

    Headshot of Kitty Weiland

    Kitty Weiland

    Senior Program Manager

    Email: kitty.weiland@moore.sc.edu
    Phone: 803-777-2268