Custom Solutions

ExecEd is itself a business. Like so many of our clients, we have to raise the revenue to support our programs. We’re about solving real problems in the real world, not Ivory Tower abstraction. We know from experience that no two organizations are alike. Each has its own needs, opportunities and challenges.

Don’t see what you need? We’ll create it for you.

We’re very proud of the more than 80 seminars, workshops, conferences and other programs we offer each year on an open-enrollment basis. But maybe your organization needs something special… something not on the menu.

Don’t see the program you need? We’ll create it for you.

Our team will work closely with your business or other organization to identify the key skills that will improve your performance. Once we know you well enough, we design a curriculum based on those specific needs. Our extensive network of faculty, consultants, experienced business practitioners and institutional partners work together to design your Custom Solution. These are people who are not only experts in their academic fields and who know South Carolina, as well as how to run a global business.

Executive Education Darla Moore School of Business

Extraordinary flexibility

Not only do we tailor the program to your needs, but the process continues after the classes start. We’ve been known to shift the curriculum in mid-course when it was obvious it wasn’t exactly what the client needed.

We can also deliver the product wherever it’s needed. Most of our courses are taught here at the Moore School. It’s an extraordinary facility, a structure built for humans to thrive in. Attending classes here is an education in itself. But for some clients, the best place to learn is right at home, at their own headquarters. When that’s what is needed, we take our show on the road.

Executive Education Darla Moore School of Business

An honest relationship

ExecEd is based primarily on carefully selected faculty who are in it for the long haul. This emphasis on long-term relationships furthers trust and understanding; it creates a relationship based on frankness. We don’t just tell our friends what they want to hear – we tell them what they need.

And the relationships our faculty form with a Custom Solutions client don’t always end with the last class. Our instructors often make themselves available for additional discussion about how to apply the concepts covered in the curriculum.

Executive Education Darla Moore School of Business

Customize an open enrollment program

Also, our open enrollment programs can be customized to a client’s specifications and presented at the company site or at the Darla Moore School of Business. These programs offer flexibility and the opportunity to meet specific needs for executives, managers, supervisors, business owners and many other specialized groups.

Want to get started on a program designed specifically for you?