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Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP® TS410 Certification

Learn to be the leader your organization needs with the Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP® TS410 Certification, an intense graduate-level program that allows those who complete it to impact their organizations like a business consultant from within.

The curriculum offers extensive training that builds the technical and business competencies needed to become a process-improvement leader. Those who complete the program gain consultant-level competency in SAP. They also will be able to build a case for business-process improvement, taking into account the current situation, the resources at hand and necessary controls.

To facilitate the needs of today’s business professional, this program is entirely offered in a virtual format, and our ExecEd office will assist in the registration process to ensure your enrollment in all four courses in the program.” Tuition and course materials for the entire program, including the SAP TS410 exam, is $9,500.

Classes will meet for three hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and every other Saturday morning from September through January, with a break in December. The program will challenge you, but you’ll leave with the skills and confidence to tackle any challenge your organization faces. Successful students will not only earn academic credit for four graduate-level courses, but also SAP TS410 certification.

Applicants to the program must meet the requirements for non-degree seeking graduate students at the University of South Carolina.


Course Descriptions

ACCT 728: Financial Accounting

  • Explain fundamental accounting concepts and principles.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the accounting cycle.
  • Analyze and record common business transactions.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the accounting for various assets and liabilities.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the techniques used by internal management to aid in planning, directing, controlling and decision making.
  • Use accounting data to identify and analyze alternatives with the purpose of making managerial choices to maximize benefits to an organization.



ACCT 737: Accounting Information Systems from a Strategic Perspective

  • Prepare a strategic IT plan for an organization such as a government agency.
  • Model the main business processes of an organization and apply this model to an ERP
  • Describe the high-level issues involved in effective design and governance of the IT function.
  • Describe the impact that emerging technologies have on the organization as well as the accounting/finance/assurance functions.
  • Apply the systems development lifecycle and agile methodologies to information systems



ACCT 702: Application of Advanced Databases to Accounting and Business

  • Demonstrate an understanding of principles of enterprise database design and structure.
  • Configure an enterprise systems and document business processes.
  • Understand the functionality, base capabilities, and inherent limitations of an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system.
  • Describe and apply the structure and interaction of various ERP system workflows through hands-on exercises.
  • Apply internal controls to ensure data integrity and security.



ACCT 739: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems (SAP S/4HANA 2020)

  • Explain the organizational structures used in each business process.
  • Identify the key master data which must be maintained to execute each business process.
  • Discuss the ERP transactions required to complete each business process cycle.
  • Identify the key integration points between the different business disciplines supporting each business process cycle.
  • Explain deployment options for on-premises/cloud solutions.
  • Attempt the SAP TS410 certification examination.




$9,980 for four classes and the SAP TS410 exam

For more information, contact:

Jamal Davis