Alumni Development Series

Your business degree is just the beginning of what you need to know.

That’s why Executive Education is committed to Darla Moore School of Business graduates long after they graduate.

We’ve created four cutting-edge classes designed to keep you current on the latest trends, techniques and challenges of today’s business world. Join our world-class faculty and master the real-world skills you need to take your career and company to the next level.

The curriculum was created with your needs in mind. Each 1.5-hour class is virtual, a format that fits your busy life and schedule. Take one for $100 or two or all four for $200.

Our specially priced courses, exclusively for alumni.

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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence applications for business

Instructor: Dr. Mark Cecchini

Artificial intelligence is altering the way that organizations scale processes, take-action on insights, and operate as a whole. At the center of this are scalable AI models used for decision- making, powered by digital technology, analytics, and data science.  There is a divide brewing between the haves and have nots of AI.  Companies that have learned to harness AI are building on their wins and furthering their leads.  Companies still at the starting line don’t quite know where to begin.  This workshop will help you figure out the next steps in your AI journey. Topics include:

  • History of business AI and trends
  • The ingredients needed for an initial AI project
  • AI Success stories from regular (not Silicon Valley) companies

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn about how AI applications are helping businesses add revenue, reduce expenses, and build value.  After the workshop, participants should understand what the next step should be for their AI journey.

What’s more Important? – EQ vs. IQ.

Instructor: Georgia Doran

In a world of uncertainty, one thing is still certain; All business is conducted via relationships. Thus, improving your ability to both create and maintain positive business relationships can truly be the “secret to your success”. Improving your relationship building skills starts first with increasing your own level of Emotional Intelligence.  This is the key to not only your own career success but directly impacts your company’s bottom line, as well. This workshop will introduce you to the general theory of Emotional Intelligence and how you can improve your communication strategies. Topics include:

  • Four Pillars of Emotional Intelligence
  • Filtering Your Stress Behaviors
  • Real-Time Strategies to Increase Your Self-Awareness
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies

This workshop is for anyone that desires to increase their own EQ – Emotional Quotient.

The Changing Work Landscape

Instructor: Dr. Kasie Whitener

Brain drain, hybrid environments, public policy stances, and social anxiety. The changing workplace is full of new expectations. This interactive workshop reviews some new research on succession planning, GenZ recruiting, weighing in on politics, and providing mental health strategies for employees. It’s no longer enough to be responsive to employees, we must be proactively anticipating their employer value tests and developing practices that meet them before we’re accused of failing. Topics include:

  • Capturing experience before it retires
  • What GenZ wants out of employment and employers
  • Good Idea, Bad Idea: Taking a stand on public policy
  • Burnout is real but you can manage to prevent it
  • Remote work minefields: The rules are, there are no rules.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to review current (and speculative) literature around the changing expectations for employers. Bring your questions, stories, and hyperlinks for discussion.

Making the Most of Virtual Presentations

Instructor: Brad Stratton

Not much is certain in our post-pandemic workplaces, but one thing is clear: we will all have to deliver more information virtually and in hybrid settings. This interactive workshop introduces you to some of the key skills you will need to be a more effective virtual presenter, and gives you a chance to practice those skills and receive constructive feedback from the instructor and peers. Topics include:

  • Transferring Your Speaking Skills to Virtual Environments;
  • Using Technology to Your Advantage;
  • Engaging Your Online Audience; and
  • Practicing Your Craft (with real-time feedback).

This workshop is for anyone who wants practice and advice for making better online and hybrid presentations.

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