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Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA) Exam Preparation Program

Program Topics: Data Analytics

The International Institute of Business AnalysisTM – Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA®- CBDA) recognizes your ability to effectively execute analysis related work in support of business analytics initiatives.  Earning this certification informs employers of your passion for and competencies performing business analysis on analytics initiatives. The certification helps identify skilled business data analytics professionals to organizations seeking these in-demand skills.

The IIBA®-CBDA exam is a competency-based exam for business analysis professionals executing analysis related work in support of business analytics initiatives. The IIBA®-CBDA exam is weighted across six knowledge areas (domains) and consists of 75 multiple-choice, scenario-based questions to be completed within 2 hours. The six domains are outlined in the following table.


Knowledge Area/Domain Exam
# of
Identify Research Questions 20% 15
Source Data 16% 12
Analyze Data 15% 11.25
Interpret and Report Results 20% 15
Use Results to Influence Business
Decision Making
20% 15
Guide Company-level strategy for
Business Analytics
9% 6.75


Requirements of Program

There is no minimum requirement, officially, for candidates of the CBDA although it is for business analysis professionals with two to three years’ experience executing analysis-related work in business analytics. To earn the CBDA, candidates follow the certification process below:

  1.  Register for IIBA Membership (https://www.iiba.org/business-analysis-membership/)
  2. Purchase the Exam: From the IIBA website, click “My IIBA  Certifications” menu. This will take you to the Certification Summary Page from where you can select CBDA to pay your exam fee with IIBA member discount rate.
  3. Complete the Attestations: Complete your attestations by agreeing to the Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions
  4. Schedule and Pass Exam: Your exam will be administrated by PSI (https://candidate.psiexams.com/). To schedule your exam, login to your IIBA account and access the Certification Summary Page. Click “Get Started” button to schedule an exam. This will take you automatically to the PSI Online Exam scheduling page.

A list of detailed subject areas covered on the exam can be found on the IIBA website (https://www.iiba.org/business-analysis-certifications/business-data-analytics-certification/)


Objective of Program

The objective of the CBDA Exam Preparation Program offered through Executive Education at the Darla Moore School of Business is designed to aid candidates in their review of the material covered on the IIBA®-CBDA exam.  This program also incorporates best practices in exam-taking techniques.


Structure of Program

There is some flexibility in the structure of this program.  A participant may elect to enroll in the program as an on-campus participant (preferred), or as a remote participant who is actively engaged in a synchronous class.  This program may be offered in a 5-day intense format or in an evening/weekend format.


Content of Program

  • Topic 01 – IIBA®-CBDA Review
  • Topic 02 – Roles of Business Data Analytics in Organizations
  • Topic 03 – Data Modeling and Database
  • Topic 04 – Descriptive Analytics
  • Topic 05 – Predictive Analytics
  • Topic 06 – Prescriptive Analytics
  • Topic 07 – Analytics Project Management
  •  Topic 08 – BABOK and BACCM
  • Topic 09 – Identify Research Questions
  • Topic 10 – Source Data
  • Topic 11 – Analyze Data
  • Topic 12 – Interpret and Report Results
  • Topic 13 – Use Results to Influence Business Decision
  • Topic 14 – Guide Company-level Strategy for Business Analytics
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  • Tuition $3,000