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Executive Education courses at the Moore School offer you, your executives and your managers access to the faculty expertise and resources that have made the Darla Moore School of Business a top-ranked business school. With subjects as varied as business analytics, leadership, business finance and diversity and inclusion, we can help your business grow.
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Leading Change

Introduces participants to the "how to" of leading change, focusing on three distinct steps of the change process: preparation, implementation and institutionalization.


November 19-20, 2024

Leveraging Your Personality at Work: The Birkman Method®

Reveals how you behave and react in interpersonal relationships, examines your response to conflict and empowers your decision-making.

Making Better Evidence-Based Decisions with Business Analytics

Today's leaders can utilize data analytics techniques to make better-informed, evidence-based decisions that optimize value. This course will help managers translate insights into business actions by becoming good consumers of data, knowing how to ask the right questions and overcoming decision-making bias.

Making Effective Virtual Presentations (Virtual)

In a day when many communications have moved online, business professionals must learn to translate public-speaking skills to different formats.

Managing Effectively with Analytics: A Course for Executives

Learn about the evolution of information technology, its future direction and how to execute that future during this hands-on training seminar.

Marketing Navigator: Insight for Executives

Designed for leaders who oversee marketers, this course will augment your knowledge of the evolving marketing landscape and necessary strategies for success.


October 3-24, 2024

Negotiations and Effective Decision-Making

Develop the tools critical to effective decision-making. Design a blueprint to empower leaders for future decision-making processes.

Sharpening Your Message/Delivering with Confidence

Learn how to research topics and audiences, identify your own natural speaking style and tailor your message for maximum impact.

Shifting Toxic Workplace Cultures – Strategies and Best Practices (Virtual)

Learn strategies and best practices for transforming a toxic culture into one that's engaging, inclusive and highly productive.

South Carolina Manufacturing Leadership Program

The South Carolina Manufacturing Leadership Program (SCMLP) will provide high-potential employees in the manufacturing industry with a highly immersive, cohort-based educational experience. The SCMLP includes a distinctive curriculum that enhances the essential skills leaders need to maintain and grow our state’s robust manufacturing industry.